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Clarify Toolbox

May 17, 2010 Check it out: Clarify Toolbox is a repository of apps, code snippets, add-ons, and APIs for the Clarify environment. Have some code to share that might be useful to others in the Clarify community? Post it to ClarifyToolbox. Interested in code snippets, APIs, or free products for your Clarify implementation?  Download it from ClarifyToolbox. Have a suggestion? Email the site administrator:

How do I know what ID to use for a new table or view?

September 18, 2009 When creating a new table or view in Clarify/Amdocs/Dovetail, a unique ID number must be supplied.How do I know what ID to use?Clarify has defined a range of numbers that are reserved for custom tables and views. They guarantee that they will not use any numbers in this range. So, you need to use a number in this range.There are two ranges reserves for custom IDs: 430-571 and 2000-4999. The rest are reserved for Clarify baseline use.So, you simply need to pick a number in that range that hasn’t yet been used.How do I know what numbers have already been used?The most common method is to export your schema, pick a number, and search your schema to see if its in use. If it is, pick another number, search again. Repeat until you find an available number.A better waySince our…

Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail access from a Google Gadget

April 27, 2009 I was playing with Google Gadgets a bit lately, and wanted to see what I could do with creating a gadget for Clarify / Amdocs / Dovetail.Gadgets are simple HTML and JavaScript applications that can be embedded in webpages and other apps.Google has good details on gadgets - how to use them, how to create them, etc.Here's what I came up with: What can we do with this gadget?Review my open cases:Review recent activity for your workgroup (in this case, the user belongs to the Administration workgroup):Work a case, including workflow (assign, dispatch, etc.) log phone notes, send email, review the case history, change status, close the case, etc. :  Search the knowledgebase (solutions), cases, or both:access the knowledgebase (solutions):There's a few other things you can do as well, but you get the point. How is this done?In all honesty, it's actually…

Clarify Classic Client Quick Reference Guide

December 17, 2008 Here's a quick reference guide for user options, shortcuts, and keyboard navigation for the Clarify client.   I think Ctrl + Down Arrow within a text box is one of the most useful (and most unknown) shortcuts. Ctrl-F6 is also pretty useful, although I find it difficult to remember (and to type)    

hMailServer: a free email server that’s great for demos and testing

December 3, 2008 When doing testing or demos, I often need to send and receive email. For example, Dovetail EmailAgent requires a mail server for receiving incoming mail. Dovetail Rulemanager needs a mail server for sending outgoing notifications by email, as well as for sending outgoing email.   When I'm in the office, I could use our corporate mail server (although I don't like to use production systems for testing). If I have internet access, I can use GMail, or another free hosted SMTP/POP3 server. But when I'm on the road, its not uncommon to end up in a conference room somewhere without internet access. So I prefer to have everything I need loaded on my laptop - and this includes a mail server. hMailServer   hMailServer is a free email server that's great for demos and testing. I've been using it for teh last 6 months or…

Adding a signature to Log Email in Dovetail Mobile Agent using Ubiquity or GreaseMonkey

September 29, 2008 As I mentioned in a previous post, I've started using Dovetail Mobile Agent for my day-to-day case activities. Its still early in its project lifecycle, so it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles (yet), but that's OK with me. For example, you can Log an Email, but it doesn't have the capability to automatically populate a signature within the email. Since this is something that I wanted now, here's how to make that happen, without modifying the application itself. Ubiquity In a previous post, I detailed my first Ubiquity command for working with Dovetail Mobile Agent. Now, we'll add a new command for inserting my signature. The Ubiquity code: CmdUtils.CreateCommand({   name: "signature",   icon: "

My favorite web apps

May 2, 2008 ReadWriteWeb published the results of their survey on what web apps most excited their readers.Here's my list of the web apps I use frequently:TwitterFlickrGoogle Readerdel.icio.usRemember The MilkGMailGoogle DocsCampfireBasecampA few more that I like, but just use occasionallyStumbleUponLinkedInMintSlackerPandoraSkypeTripItDovetailAgentAnd finally a few I'd like to get to know:FriendFeedTwineSlideRocketWhat about you? What do you use?

A few of my common utilities

March 20, 2008 Whenever I have to do something more than a few times, I like to make a shortcut or a utility for it. I have all of these in my c:\bin directory, and I have my system path set to include c:\bin.  These utilities mean that I don't have to think about a lot of heavy syntax most of the time.   For example, to import a DAT file into my database, rather than using:   c:\bin\diet.exe -license MyDietLicenseKey -user_name sa -password sa -db_server . -db_name dovetail -import file.dat -sqllog sql.log     I just have to use:   import dovetail file.dat     Much easier to remember, and much easier and quicker to type.   Most of these are geared towards running on my development system, which is primarily SQL Server running onlocalhost with an sa password of sa.   Here's a few common…