A feed for new Knowledgebase Articles

Kevin has put together an RSS feed for our most recent knowledgebase articles. The feed can be subscribed to using a feed reader (such as Google Reader), and any new articles will be delivered to you. Very cool.rss

We eat our own dogfood here, meaning we use our Dovetail/Clarify system for our customer support team – including the knowledgebase (solutions). Being kept informed about new solutions is good for our support staff, but also for other members of our team – including Sales Engineers, the Product and Development teams, etc – as well as our customers who live in our products every day. 

While I really like this specific example, I think the general idea of syndicating data from your Clarify/Dovetail system is totally rockin. Combine the code that Kevin laid out in his post, along with some Dovetail SDK code for querying the database, and you’re off to the races.


Confused about RSS? No worries. The folks over at Common Craft have put together a simple video explaining RSS in plain English.

Other examples

How about some other examples of CRM data that could be syndicated?

  • part request activities, so a customer knows when their defective part has been received and when a replacement has been shipped.
  • case activities – letting customers know when their case has been updated or its status changed
  • new product releases
  • contracts that are expiring soon
  • etc.

How about you – what ideas do you have?


Your Clarify system may seem a bit long in the tooth at times – but with a little love (and some Dovetail tools) – you can continue to reap huge value from it.

Rock on.