Top Ten Reasons to Switch from Clarify to Dovetail

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We surveyed users of Amdocs Clarify CRM systems to find out the primary reasons they incorporated, or migrated completely to, Dovetail Software’s CRM system, and their .NET platform, Dovetail SDK.


The following evaluations are in no particular order. Customer responses are edited for clarity. These are the ten most common themes we hear today, from mostly IT and some business folks.


Dovetail’s cost per license is vastly lower than Amdocs Clarify. Dovetail’s agent-facing apps look and feel like Clarify, so no additional training is needed.


Comments: “awesome ability to expose data to the enterprise”; “now running twice the number of users on Dovetail, no way we could have done this with Amdocs”; “we were looking for a richer client-side experience.”


Eliminating Java, native applications written in .NET. Using thin clients.


Comments: ”.NET is our strategic platform going forward”; “Amdocs not moving in the desired technical direction”; “Clarify hasn’t added new functions or features of any value between versions 5 and 11”; “we wanted to stop releasing new fat clients as the upgrade process.”


Clarify customers who attempt to move from the Amdocs thick client to the Amdocs thin client give up a great amount of functionality, whereas they can move from the Amdocs thick client to the Dovetail thin client and actually gain additional functionality.


Comments: “we needed to move to a web-based deployment”


The ability to run Dovetail in parallel with legacy and forthcoming systems is immense. Dovetail Web Services provides a top layer with over 500 Dovetail APIs to manipulate data on demand. Dovetail apps are written with integration in view. Plus, we integrate with SAP, PeopleSoft ERP, Metasolv, data warehouses, manufacturing systems, Lawson, ImageNow, ManMan and many others.


Comments: “wanted easier integrations with other apps, client-side and server-side”; “web service calls, CTIintegration”; “using Dovetail Web Services (and SOAP-.NET) we connect with multiple databases and systems to obtain customer information, e.g. loyalty points, service order history, etc”; “we can give the agent a portal view across multiple customer data sources.”


Dovetail has over 500 APIs, that enable almost any conceivable custom function. We’ve been customizing Clarify for a decade and our software is built for extensibility.


Comments: “we wanted to build a custom Logistics solution, with the ability to add custom functions – Clarify had no useful APIs”; “we’ve added enhancements that were impossible with Amdocs”; “development within the Clarify environment has been difficult”; “we needed a more flexible application”; “we wanted the ability to add custom objects easily”; “there’s really nothing we can’t do with the system now or add to it.”


The IT departments love Dovetail deployments. We’re flexible, extensible, adaptable, easy and rapid to customize.


Comments: “we had deadlocks with trying to scale Clarify, we needed an efficient development environment”; “we can now ‘track everything – causes of failure, etc. – something that would not have been possible with Clarify”; ” we use it worldwide, with huge cost benefits, mostly due to the speed with which we can change stuff, and the ability to put anything we want in it.”


Dovetail sharply reduces maintenance effort and cost, with no fat client to update for every user, and the system is maintained globally at the server level.


Comments: “we’ve reduced our maintenance costs”; “we moved to Dovetail thin clients primarily for ease of maintenance”; “the system itself is much easier to manage.”


Glitches can happen anywhere, but with a thin client, web-based architecture, the greatest interruption is typically no more than a server restart (versus trying to debug the thick client).


Comments: “we had lots of outages with Clarify thick clients.”


Dovetail’s culture has always focused on the user, from its beginnings as a Clarify partner. We’re proud to say that no one—no one—is better at support.


Comments: “Support”; “we have access to engineers”; “Dovetail’s rapid code fixes stand out from other vendors”; “awesome response times”; “support is never clueless”; “we can ask questions on the edge of consulting.”


Dovetail’s cost per license is vastly lower than Amdocs Clarify. Our fast development and roll-out times equal reduced development cost.


Comments: “the cost was too good a deal to pass up”; “Dovetail was in effect a revenue-neutral solution – we protect the investment in Clarify, and continue to get enhancements and new functions, which Amdocs hasn’t delivered in years.”