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Top Ten Reasons to Switch from Clarify to Dovetail

Static image January 8, 2007 We surveyed users of Amdocs Clarify CRM systems to find out the primary reasons they incorporated, or migrated completely to, Dovetail Software’s CRM system, and their .NET platform, Dovetail SDK.   The following evaluations are in no particular order. Customer responses are edited for clarity. These are the ten most common themes we hear today, from mostly IT and some business folks.   1. DISTRIBUTION Dovetail’s cost per license is vastly lower than Amdocs Clarify. Dovetail’s agent-facing apps look and feel like Clarify, so no additional training is needed.   Comments: “awesome ability to expose data to the enterprise”; “now running twice the number of users on Dovetail, no way we could have done this with Amdocs”; “we were looking for a richer client-side experience.”   2. STRATEGY Eliminating Java, native applications written in .NET. Using thin clients.   Comments: ”.NET is our strategic platform going forward”;…
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