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Pro Tip: Create a Solution Librarian user to keep your workspace tidy

November 4, 2013 A common request I hear from users is: How do I get solutions (knowledgebase articles) out of my WIPbins? A Solution (in baseline Clarify/Dovetail) is always in an Open condition – meaning it’s always in a user’s WIPbin. But once I’m done creating/editing it – I don’t want to see it anymore. It just clutters up my workspace. One very simple way to tackle this is to create a dummy Solution Librarian user. That way, a user can simply assign a solution to the Solution Librarian, and this takes it out of the user’s WIPbin. This is super easy to put in place, and allows user’s to keep their workspace tidy and clutter free. There are more complex options that involve customizations, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Hope you find this useful. Rock on.

Linking a solution to a closed case

August 23, 2011 I’ve talked in the past about the functionality and benefits of linking solutions to cases, and I’ve shown how we’ve simplified the process in Dovetail Agent. One scenario that’s come up more often, especially around here, is the need to link a solution to a closed case. A common workflow we see here is: 1. A case is opened for a customer 2. We work with the customer to figure out a resolution to the issue 3. Customer uses SelfService to indicate that the resolution solved the issue, and the customer closes the case (and you know how much I love when a customer closes their own case) Now that we know that the resolution we provided did indeed solve the problem, we can create a solution, so this knowledge can be reused, should the same issue arise in the…

Daylight Savings Time (DST) Impacts Clarify Database (and Rest of World)

Static image February 27, 2007 Those who have called Daylight Savings Time a folly from the beginning may snicker at the Congressional decision to alter the dates, but those who have anything to do with software aren’t laughing. Changing the dates of the Daylight Savings Time active period, for the first time in decades, will throw a lot of clocks out of sync.   Dovetail engineer Steven Weintraub has compiled a list of dates affected by the new law, and instructions to update Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the Clarify database   “This requires a good knowledge of CLARIFY database setup and SQL. This is a problem. I am sure Clarify is providing a solution for those using Clarify support – but this does not help the many customers who have stopped paying support.   “For those customers (and this blog post is for you) – they have to…