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What’s New in Dovetail Agent 20

August 13, 2018 We recently released Dovetail Agent version 20. Here’s a run-down of the highlights. Interactions Dovetail Agent now includes Interactions functionality. An Interaction is just that - a way to capture any type of interaction you may have with a customer. In call centers, it's common to capture every call as an interaction. A customer may call into the call center to check on the status of an order, or to inquire about a billing question, etc. Each of these can be captured as an interaction in the system. Create Interaction In many service centers, a case is overkill for tracking these simple inquiries. We want to capture that we've interacted with the customer, but we don't need all of the more complex workflow that goes along with a traditional support case.  But, in some instances, an interaction may…

Email Enhancements in Dovetail Agent 11 – Video walk-through

July 27, 2016 In Dovetail Agent 11, we've made a number of enhancements that improve working with email, including: Reply / Reply All / Forward The Log Email form can now be popped out to a full screen modal window Drag-and-drop file attachments Preview/download a file attachment Remove a file attachment Canned responses This video is a quick walk-through of these enhancements     Direct link to video on YouTube