Spell Check feature added to Dovetail Agent

imageAs part of the continuous effort to enhance and improve our applications, a new Spell Check feature was added for the next release of Dovetail Agent.

This feature was added for every text area input in the pages of Agent. Currently there are almost 100 different pages in Dovetail Agent that use text area controls. Adding the new functionality to every page individually would be one way of implementing the change, but certainly not the most efficient. Instead, the new functionality is added dynamically to each page as it is opened in the browser. This approach makes a lot of sense. Since the code that adds the link under each text area is contained in one file, any future modifications will be very easy as well.

The Spell Check feature is made available to the user by adding a Check Spelling link under each text area control. jQuery is used to make this addition dynamically on each page that has a text area control, and will only add the link under a text area that is not “disabled” or marked as “Read-Only”. Adding the jQuery module dynamically to every page also opens up a lot of other changes that are easier to implement.

On each page in Dovetail Agent where an entry has been made into a text area, clicking on the Check Spelling link will activate the Spell Check process. This process will analyze the contents of the text area, and if corrections are suggested the Spell Check window will be opened. The user then has the tools to correct the spelling as necessary, and any changes made will be reflected in the contents of the text area when the Spell Check window is closed.

If no other corrections are suggested, then the Check Spelling link changes to inform the user that the Spell Check is complete, as shown to the right. Changing the contents of the text area will revert the Check Spelling link back to its original state, ready to check the spelling again.