Clarify CRM: Successful Migration & Modernization is our Standard

What More could a Clarify CRM Customer Ask for?

How about a Modern Solution at a Low Risk Migration

CIOs and Heads of Customer Support have nightmares thinking about changing their customer support software. It is quite the dilemma. Their current solution has many issues and it doesn’t do everything they want, but “it works”. Therefore, the lesser of evils seems to be to continue to use their current solution because of the fear of what could happen if they attempt a migration strategy to a new solution. Many companies have suffered tremendously by selecting the wrong enterprise software, and there is the further possibility of limiting one’s career, or worse, losing your job if you are part of a project involving the wrong software selection.

clarify crmWhat is your current situation?

This is the situation for all users of Clarify CRM. Yes, I see you shaking your head. You could go on and on about all of the current problems in the very old system you are forced to use (on top of everything else, you now have Security to worry about!), the nine figure outlay it would take to replace Clarify, as well as the major concern of how the migration might go if you decided to change software solutions.

A Solution to Your Problem

But, what if you could select a new customer support software solution that was based on modern technology, easy to use, and most importantly, had a very low risk of failure? Dovetail has been building solutions for Clarify customers for over 20 years, and has NEVER had a failed migration. One of the keys to this success is that you don’t have to migrate your database and you don’t have to change your integrations.

Yes, you heard me correctly on both counts.

I know, hard to believe. But, there is nothing to lose by investigating the possibility.

Check Dovetail out and Sleep Easy!

Until Next Time,