Record 1st Quarter Through Superior Customer Service

In one of our recent blog posts we wrote about how important great customer service is to keeping your current customers during these difficult times. Our just completed first quarter speaks towards the importance of great customer service.


We had a record first quarter for Dovetail Software. Customer Service had a lot to do with this. First, we had a 100% renewal rate with all our current customers. Added on top of this, we secured a number of new support customers from one of our competitors. Why were we able to achieve this? Two reasons: 1) We offer great customer service (in fact, superior to our competition) at a lower price; and 2) This competitor (I will refrain from naming them) doesn’t care about their customers. Let me elaborate.


Our philosophy in our company is to do whatever it takes to solve a customer’s problem. Often this entails providing support in non-supported situations (such as off-hours or for customers whose support has expired) or providing support that is really free consulting. We do this because we feel obligated to make sure our customers succeed, even when we don’t capture the maximum revenue we could. We even cited one instance  where we provided support to a Clarify customer who didn’t have a support agreement with Dovetail, but couldn’t get help from Amdocs, who they did have a support agreement with.


On the other hand, our competitor does everything possible to make their customer service experience a trying one. They have moved their first level of support to India, saving money, but reducing the knowledge level of their agents. They have support agreements whose terms and conditions create barriers to solving a customer’s problems. And finally, they have even threatened to sue customers who want to discontinue support with them. This from a vendor providingCustomer Service software. Quite a contradiction I would say.


The good news is that Dovetail Software is here to make sure your CRM needs are meet. We thank all of our customers for helping us achieve our best financial quarter ever, even during these very difficult times.



Until Next Time,