Plain Language Advantages of Dovetail Support Suite for HR

With Dovetail expanding our business to include a focus on support solutions for HR organizations I’ve spent some time thinking about how our software would be beneficial to HR and how best to articulate my points. Here are my thoughts so far.

Dovetail Software is ideal for any HR organization that is looking to operate more efficiently, provide a higher quality of service, and/or better understand the needs and wishes of the work force they serve. The system has many technical merits, but for this article I’m going to stick with high level concepts that will hopefully have meaning to the non-technical crowd.

The use of Support Suite for HR will provide a means for Management to:

Simplify the job for HR staff advisors
Making it easy for your staff to organize their work and get the information they need to answer questions is vitally important not only to providing a great service but also for maintaining staff morale. Dovetail Support Suite presents an intuitive dashboard for keeping track of everything on which an advisor is working. The dashboard also makes it easy to consolidate employee and corporate information from many systems into one and display all of it in a format of your choosing. You can reduce the number of systems your staff must learn and stay familiar with so new advisors can come up to speed sooner and veterans won’t burn out so fast.

Readily see historic and real-time staff activity levels
A Dovetail Support Suite System is a means by which all HR staff interactions with employees can be logged. Rather than tracking their work in Outlook or with hand written notes, it is organized in one central place so you can start building a historical view of the types of activities on which time is spent in your organization.

Audit problem resolutions for accuracy and timeliness
Once all the interactions are being kept in a centralized Dovetail system, management or team leaders can easily review the records to make sure the information your organization is disseminating is accurate and timely. Management can also begin to look for trends and adjust accordingly to the changing needs of your workforce.

Recover quickly from the loss of key subject matter experts (SMEs)
Dovetail’s Support Suite system includes knowledge management features that allows you to capture and amass a library of answers and solutions that are accessible by all HR staff and even employees if you like (through a self-service portal). Having an easily searchable library of knowledge will reduce the workload of your SMEs and allow you to more easily replace experienced staff members as they leave.

Automate employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes
The process of hiring a new employee is probably the most complex and task-intensive activity your HR staff has to undertake. Dovetail Support Suite will help ensure a smooth on-boarding by automatically creating tasks that are assigned, and managed within the system. The system can even send notifications to other departments of your company such as to Facilities to request a work area and to IT to request a computer and a phone. This is just one example. Many other activities can be automated.

Keep track of assigned corporate assets
Support Suite provides a simple way of keeping track of the corporate assets, such as laptops and security passes, that are in an employee’s possession. The process of recording the information can easily be incorporated into on-boarding and off-boarding workflows so that you know exactly what an employee has assigned to them at all times.

Recognize and adjust for trends sooner
By having all your staff’s daily activities logged in a centralized system you’ll be able to see how often certain questions are being asked, or in general, whether there is significant change in the volume of questions or requests being directed to HR.

Spend less time in status meetings
Support Suite includes intuitive reporting and information visualization aids so management can see in a moment what’s going on in their organization. You will spend much less time gathering information so you can instead focus on adding value.

Manage and respond efficiently to changes in corporate HR policy
When personnel policies change, Support Center makes it easy to disseminate the news and track those who have been notified. Policy changes within HR are easily accommodated within the system by using built-in administration tools to adjust workflows as needed.

Ensure regulation compliance
Dovetail Support Center provides detailed records of every interaction/request that is logged in the system. You will know the “what, when and who” of every activity. So when it comes time to investigate the history of how your organization dealt with a situation, you’ll have the right tools available to get it done quickly and be confident that your findings are accurate.

That’s all I have for now, but I plan to pick one or two of these concepts and expand on them further in the near future. If anyone has a specific interest, please add comments below and I will give it priority.