Dovetail SDK C# Helper Extensions

Dovetail SDK is quite useful for doing data access with your Clarify databases. When using our ClarifyGenerics there is some ceremony to the syntax there for backwards compatibility that always bothered me.  I’ve written a few helper extensions for Dovetail SDK that I use a lot these days so I thought I should share them with you.


ClarifyGeneric Extensions



I use these to help me filter generics in a fluent way. Create and Traverse to generics without needed a separate line to set which fields should be selected.


ClarifyDataRow Extensions



Row fields are plain objects but you always want to put them into a strongly typed variable. I use these to get at fields without having to do a lot of conversions and checking for DBNull.


An example of these extensions in play



Here I create a generic. Filter it in my fancy new way and project the results into many result objects.