Dovetail Seeker Sneak Preview

Lately we have been giving some love to Dovetail Seeker our search solution for Clarify/Dovetail CRM. I wanted to share a couple teaser screenshots of a couple features we are working on for our next release.


Better than chocolate in peanut butter.

These screenshots are from an example “reference” web application we are including with Dovetail Seeker to show off all its new fancy features and to get developers excited and empowered to build their own search clients.


The these screens are pretty raw they are from an example app, a proving ground, which will undergo much improvement and change.

You’ve Got Your Documents In My Search Index!


The most requested and exciting new feature to Dovetail Seeker is “Rich Document Indexing”.


You select a directory you want indexed and our Seeker will look for files, extracting their content making them searchable. We have support of all your favorite document formats: Office, PDF, Rich Text, Text file etc.


Document downloads


In this example. We have a domain in the index documentation which contains a bunch of rich documents. The contents of these documents are now searchable and once found downloadable.

We’ve been working hard to come up with a good solution for exposing your file repositories to

search and making it easy to download your documents directly from the search results.

Aww, LOLCats can't spell.

There is more rich document goodness coming in Seeker but I’ll save that for later. Yep, that’s an

official Dovetail feature teaser.

Need Spelling Assistance? We’re Here To Help.


The second most often requested feature for Dovetail Seeker was to add spelling assistance to search results similar to Google’s “Did you mean?”


It’s simple. If the spell checker thinks that one of your search terms is misspelled it looks for spelling suggestion which exist in the search index.



Misspell one of your search terms? Don't worry.


To accomplish this we’ve integrated with an excellent open source spell checking library to expose spell checking capabilities via the Dovetail Seeker web service. This feature is already in use at a customer site and was well received. Will that infrastructure in place it was easy to tie together search and spellchecking to expose this new search feature.