Mobile Agent 1.1 – Now with better access to your knowledge

Today we are releasing a better Dovetail Mobile Agent. In this release we focused on exposing the knowledge contained in your Dovetail CRM to your mobile agents and public users.  For more details please take a look at the documentation but to sum up I’ve composed for you a sort of visual what’s new in this release.

Agents can now…

Search for and use solutions while working cases. Solutions found to apply to a case being worked can easily be sent and linked to the case.


Searching now returns both solution and cases.


Once a solution is found details about it can be easily sent to a case.


Because sending emails from a mobile device can be time consuming, Mobile Agent fills in most details of the email for the agent. The solution is also linked to the case giving support managers feedback about hot support topics.



Agents can easily browse and navigate to all cases linking to a given solution.


Likewise agents viewing a case can now see which solution a case is linked to and optionally unlink the solution from the case.

Public users can now…

New for this release is the ability for public, non-authenticated, users to search for and view public solutions found in the knowledgebase.


The home page now welcomes public users.


Searching for public solutions.


Viewing a public solution.