Dovetail Seeker 1.1 Shipped

We have added a few bows and ribbons to Dovetail Seeker our handy web based search service for Clarify.

  • We’ve made it easier for search clients, like Dovetail Mobile Agent, and Dovetail Search for Clarify, to page results.
  • Added example code for consuming Seeker’s search services from a .Net client.
  • Better documentation of the search service API.

Details Details

Here is a copy and paste of our release notes for this version with all the gritty details.

Version 1.1.0

Documentation added with information on the Seeker Search Web Service API.

Added client-example directory to the installation directory. This directory now contains source code and assemblies for a C# Seeker client. Please view the ReadMe.txt file in that directory for more information.

Added new value RequestedNumberOfResults to the search results information returned by the search service. This value reflects the number of search results requested by the search client. This was added to make pagination of search results easier.

Search web application now takes maximumSummaryLength as an optional parameter to allow search clients control over the size of the search result payload.