Email Agent 1.5 Heads Up

This post is for my readers who are Dovetail Email Agent customers. We are getting ready to release Email Agent 1.5 which contains some breaking changes that Gary Sherman has already posted about. I wanted to give our customers a heads up of what has changed to facilitate upgrade planning.

Below is a draft of the “What’s New” from Version 1.5 this may change so remember to check your local listings for more details.

Breaking Changes

Email Agent now logs "Email In" events to a case rather than logging a note. This change will mainly affect customers using our Rule Manager product having business rules that are setup to fire on "Log Notes" events, in particular those that are meant to capture "Log Notes" events created by Email Agent. Affected business rules should be changed to include a start event of "Email In".

To avoid confusion the name of configuration settings and template files related to Note Logs have been renamed to represent the move to creating Email In Logs.

Configuration Setting Changes

Basically every setting that mentions "LogNote" now says "LogEmailIn".

  • allowFreeFormLogEmailIn changed to allowFreeFormLogNote
  • reopenCaseToLogEmailIn changed to reopenCaseToLogNote
  • allowLogEmailInToClosedCases changed to allowLogNoteToClosedCases
  • allowLogEmailInToClosedSubcases changed to allowLogNoteToClosedSubcases
  • sendLogEmailInSuccessReply changed to sendLogNoteSuccessReply
  • <logCaseEmailInExtraFields/> changed to <logCaseNoteExtraFields/>
  • <logSubcaseEmailInExtraFields/> changed to <logCaseNoteExtraFields/>
Template File Name Changes
  • FreeformCaseNoteFailure.xslt changed to FreeformCaseEmailInFailure.xslt
  • FreeformCaseNoteSuccess.xslt changed to FreeformCaseEmailInSuccess.xslt
  • FreeformClosedCaseNoteFailure.xslt changed to FreeformClosedCaseEmailInFailure.xslt
  • FreeformSubcaseNoteFailure.xslt changed to FreeformSubcaseEmailInFailure.xslt
  • FreeformSubcaseNoteSuccess.xslt changed to FreeformSubcaseEmailInSuccess.xslt
  • FreeformWontLogNote.xslt changed to FreeformWontLogEmailIn.xslt

Also, please be aware that the version of the Dovetail SDK being used by Email Agent has been updated to supply the new Email In logging functionality.