Installing ShoZu on a T-Mobile Dash with Windows Mobile 6

If you have a smart phone and like to use Flickr to share your photos look into ShoZu. ShoZu is a great way to move the pictures taken on your phone to the Flickr. You take a picture and it asks, Send To Flickr? If you have a data plan or the next time you are online the image is uploaded directly to Flickr. Very cool.


What happens when you assume?

I ran into problems using ShoZu with my T-Mobile Dash that has been upgraded to Windows Mobile 6. It was crashing and causing all kinds of stability issues with my phone. This morning I decided to reinstall ShoZu and figured out a simple fix and had to share.

When you install ShoZu they ask for your phone number and what model phone you have. A text message is sent to your phone with a hyperlink that sends you to the ShoZu application installer for your phone. Here is the text that was sent to my phone.

To Install ShoZu click on

It seems that they assume my Dash has Windows Mobile 5 on it and that install completes and kinda, sort of, appears to work but doesn’t actually upload photos to Flickr and then randomly crashes.

The Fix

I opened up Mobile IE and edited the url replacing wm5 with wm6 hoping that they followed a convention for their download URLs.

This URL works and better yet installed a working version of the software. Once again I am uploading images to Flickr with aplomb.

I hope this post saves someone else the pain I went through. Should ShoZu avoid assuming that their users will never upgrade a phone’s OS? It caused me pain but I don’t know what percentage of their customers would do what I did.