MVC Code Crush

It feels a little warmer over here sitting around the Microsoft developer Alt.campfire. Microsoft just came on out and publicly embraced the MVC pattern for web development (think Rails). Nestled gently inside of Asp.Net they have planted a nucleus of testable, extensible, and separation of concern compliant goodness. I can’t wait to watch it grow and mature.

While watching Scott Gu present their MVC on Asp.Net Framework (can we get a cooler codename please?) at the Alt.Net conference I felt very strange. I felt that suddenly Microsoft gets me. At the time it would have seemed pretty normal to have Scott Gu break into song with smiling woodland animals surrounding him nodding to the beat. I think they slipped stuff into the coffee.

They pretty much nailed everything I love about Rails and MonoRail and .Net under one umbrella. Lets see how the bits come out.

I can’t but help imagine that at some undisclosed location they are 24/7 studying Rails developers in an enclosed natural habitat capturing their every keystroke to see how they code, sleep, and procreate. Possibly reading them Vogon poetry or watching Bill Gates keynotes in order to better understand how they feel pain.

According to his Gu-ness System.Web.Mvc is coming soon. In around 6-9 weeks we should see an initial release. I am a little afraid of this new world and yet quite relieved.