Dovetail Agent Themes

We recently added Themes to Dovetail Agent. Users can now pick a theme that fits their personal style preference. 


We currently ship with 3 themes in Agent 18 (Default, Dark, and Quiet Light), and we’ve recently added a new Blue theme as well (part of Agent 19). 

Default Theme

Default Theme – My Work

Default Theme – Case Page


Dark Theme

Dark Theme – My Work

Dark Theme – Case Page

Quiet Light Theme

Quiet Light Theme – My Work

Quiet Light Theme – Case Page

Blue Theme

Blue Theme – My Work

Blue Theme – Case Page

User Preferences

Users can select their personal Theme preference from the User Preferences page in Dovetail Agent. 

User Preferences – Theme Selection


Custom Themes

Customers may wish to develop their own theme – for example they may want a theme that mimics their corporate styles.  We’ve greatly simplified the process for over-riding existing theme styles, and for creating new custom themes. The Dovetail Agent documentation covers this in detail. 

In addition, one of our developers, Barrett Sonntag, has created a couple of posts that dive even deeper. 

Golf Course Theme Colors


When you spend a lot of time using an app, it’s nice to be able to tailor it with your own personal preferences. 

With the new Agent themes, users can now select colors and styling that suit their individual preferences and work environment.



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