Experiment: SelfService Timeline

One of the things we’ve been experimenting with here at Dovetail is the SelfService Timeline.

When looking at a case in Dovetail Agent, a support agent can see some details about what activities a customer performed within our Selfservice app around the time they created a case.

Agents can see:

  • When a customer logged in
  • What searches they performed, along with how many search results they got back
  • Which solutions (knowledgebase articles) they viewed
  • Any comments/feedback left on a solution

It shows any activities that customer within a 1 hour window before and after the case was created.

This arms agents with additional information and context about what the customer did around the time they created a case, and agents can avoid providing the same information to a customer.



Improve knowledge sharing

In addition, it gives the support center more insight into the specific words or phrases that customers are searching with.

By including the number of search results, it also exposes holes in your knowledgebase. For example, if customers are searching but getting zero results back, then this indicates gaps in your knowledgebase.



Because we’re tracking customer activities, we can report on it as well (using our Dovetail Reporting module).

This is also useful for pointing out gaps in knowledge, as well as trends in Selfservice usage.





By analyzing this information, we can start to ask (and hopefully answer) some important questions.

  • For example, are customers even searching, or are they just logging in and creating a case?
  • Are there patterns as to which users try to search and solve their own problem vs those who don’t?
  • Does this expose some design flaws or usability problems in the Selfservice app?
  • What words or phrases are they searching for? Are they using different terms or keywords than agents use when creating knowledge articles?

Sometimes the data reveals answers. Other times some direct customer inquiries or surveys may be needed.


Wrap Up

This is still an on-going experiment.

We continue to track customer activities, and then view and analyze the data to help improve our processes and customer experience and satisfaction.


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