Customer Success Story: custom workflow using the SDK Toolkit extension in Dovetail Carrier

Recently, I talked about the new SDK Toolkit Extension in Dovetail Carrier, which allows for executing methods within the Dovetail SDK Toolkits, without writing any code.

I also discussed how I was able to remove some custom scripts from our own production environment, and replaced them with this new SDK Toolkit extension.

I absolutely LOVE this new capability within the system, and I’m super excited to see how our customers use this power.


I received an email from one of our customers this past week detailing how they’ve been able to take advantage of this new functionality.

Just wanted to pass along that we implemented a biz rule action to call into the Support SDK directly in PROD.  Pretty awesome stuff!   Use case here is that an external process creates cases in our system via a sproc, but they wanted some additional controls as to which queue the case gets dispatched to.  Instead of modifying the generic sproc or their process we used a biz rule to trigger on certain case/contact properties and used the Carrier Support SDK ForwardCase method to forward it on to a different queue.  I’m betting we’ll be seeing more of these types of requests in the future, especially close case or log an initial note.

Very cool!

They were able to implement some custom workflow routing capabilities, without writing/modifying code or forcing the business to change their processes.

Pretty awesome stuff indeed!