What’s New in Dovetail Agent 11

We recently released Dovetail Agent version 11. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.


Dovetail Agent 11


Canned Responses

Canned responses are re-usable text snippets that you can use when logging emails or notes. Canned responses can save you time if you’re often typing similar responses. Users can create personal canned responses, and can also share canned responses to workgroups, or to everyone.

They can include dynamic properties, such as the Case Title, Status, or Customer information.  Markdown is supported as well, meaning these canned responses can contain rich text, tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.


Example: Salutation and Signature



Example: Images and Links



Select a Canned Response for use

Once some canned responses have been created, from a Log Email or Log Note, users can select one, which will automatically insert that response into the text area.



Canned Response inserted into a note



I’ll have another post soon that covers Canned Responses in more detail.


Log Email Enhancements

There are a number of enhancements related to logging emails.


Reply / Reply All / Forward an existing email log

This will open the log email form, and include the original message, the correct recipients, and for a Forward operation, include any files that were part of the original email.




Reply, including original message:



Reply button


Since Reply is the action used the majority of the time, there’s a separate Reply icon/button.


More button

And the More icon/button allows users to access Reply, Reply All, and Forward actions.



And there’s new new keyboard shortcuts for these actions as well, which act on the Most Recent Email:

Shortcut Purpose
m + r Reply to latest Email
m + a Reply All to latest Email
m + f Forward latest Email



The Log Email form can now be popped out to a full screen modal window

This allows for better use of available screen real estate when crafting emails.



Insert a canned response

A canned response can be inserted into an email either by using the Canned Response icon, which opens the picker:



Or, within the text area itself, just type @@ and start typing a canned response name, which will allow a user to easily insert a canned response inline, without leaving the context of typing in the text box.




Remove a file attachment that has been added to an email log before being sent

Added an attachment accidently? No problem. Just click the “x” to remove it.


Additionally, users can:

  • Preview/download a file attachment that has been added to an email log before being sent – simply click the filename.
  • Drag-and-drop files onto the Add Files button to easily add them as file attachments.


View business rule page

A Rule Action item in the history is now clickable:



which will show the details of the rule that fired, including Events, Conditions,


and Actions:



Quick Close

The Quick Close menu item will close the case without presenting the normal Close Case form (where a user would pick a close status, resolution, and enter some notes).

When a case or subcase is Quick Closed, the default Close Status and Resolution values are used.

Of course, this action is privilege enabled, so it can easily be disabled if you don’t wish to allow this.



My Queries Enhancements

  • My Queries page now uses a table layout (rather than a card style layout)
  • Queries are searchable using the in-page search box

This makes it easier to filter and find queries, especially if there are many of them.



Keyboard Shortcut Changes and Additions

Keyboard Shortcut Changes and Additions for Case and Subcase pages

Old New Purpose  
m l + e Log Email  
n l + n Log Note  
k l + c Log Commitment  
r l + r Log Research  
  m + r Reply to latest Email This is a new shortcut
  m + a Reply All to latest Email This is a new shortcut
  m + f Forward latest Email This is a new shortcut


Search based on future dates

We already allowed for searching for items based on a past date, such as finding items created in the last 30 days:


We now also allow searching on future dates, such as finding items expiring in the next 20 days:



and if you don’t remember the exact syntax to use, no worries. The Search Tips page has you covered:




There’s also a number of minor changes, assorted bug fixes, and some changes that are specific to developers.

For a complete list of enhancements and fixes, refer to the What’s New section in the Agent 11 documentation.