Debugging an IE 9 crash

Our Dovetail Agent app is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Since Chrome and Firefox auto-update, users are typically on the most current version. ie.crash

IE is a different story, which pretty much all of us in the tech community are well aware. Continuing to support older versions of IE is more and more difficult. But, we are sensitive to the challenges of upgrading IE in enterprise environments. For Dovetail Agent, we support IE 9, 10, and 11. IE 9 has its challenges for sure.

Many organizations have stopped supporting older versions of IE, including Google.  And Microsoft recently announced that they were dropping support of older versions of IE.

Barrett Sonntag (one of our developers here at Dovetail) has written a post outlining a recent challenge we ran into where IE9 would crash when dragging, scrolling, and updating styles. This was an issue that a customer reported when running Dovetail Agent on IE9. Barrett ended up going deep into the bowels of IE, using Windows debugging tools to help figure out what was happening. He was able to find a workaround to the problem.

His post is just a little glimpse of some of the challenges and hurdles we have to surmount when continuing to support older browser versions.

Hopefully that post will help another developer somewhere who runs into this issue in the future. Thanks for sharing Barrett!