New home for Rulemanager companion wiki

Back in 2010 I created a wiki for sharing Rulemanager knowledge that went along with some Rulemanager and Business Rule webinars that I was doing. logo

At the time, wikispaces was a great place to host a free wiki. They recently announced that they are no longer offering a free wiki option.

So, I’ve moved my rulemanager wiki to Github. You can now find it at


I really dig Github for being able to share and collaborate on projects. We use it internally for hosting our codebases, we use Github Issues for issue tracking, we use their wiki features, and gists for sharing code snippets.

In their own words: “GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers.”

I agree.

What else do we share on Github?

Tons of stuff!

Bolt – a web application for real-time access to your schema and other metadata

Agent Dev Training – a wiki with for customizing Dovetail Agent 5.

Dovetail Bootstrap – examples for creating Dovetail SDK based apps

Hgbst Utilities – a collection of HGBST (user-defined lists) visualization and troubleshooting utilities

Powershell scripts, Extract ClearBasic code, watched cases report, Javascript examples, integration examples, …

Wrap it up!

I got a little off the rails with this post. I wanted to share the new location of the rulemanager wiki, and ended up sounding like a Github fanboy.  ni modo.