Exploring the Dovetail Support Center

I’ve seen a few questions come up recently about our Dovetail Support Center / SelfService portal, so I figured a post was in order.

Our portal vs. the app we sell

We have our Dovetail SelfService portal that we make available to our customers and community. And we sell a SelfService application.

Our Dovetail SelfService portal is basically an older, customized version of the SelfService application that we sell. It’s been customized to provide specific capabilities for our customers.


Public Access

If you’re not yet a Dovetail customer, there’s a number of things you can do:

  • Access the Clarify/Dovetail knowledgebase
  • Access product information
    • Product summary information
    • Latest release version and release date
    • Version history (release version and release date)
    • Documentation (typically in HTML and CHM formats)
    • Browse knowledgebase articles about this product
    • Browse blog posts about this product
    • Subscribe to our Dovetail Product Release feed, which will let you know when new products or versions become available.
    • View the Platform Guide, which is an overview of the requirements for the Dovetail for Clarify suite of products.
    • View the Application Comparison page, which is a High-Level Functional Comparison Between Clarify And Dovetail Applications

Private Access

If you are a Dovetail customer, there’s much more you can do:

  • Download Products that you’re licensed for
  • Access your Dovetail license keys
  • Create a new support case
  • View my open cases
  • View open cases at my site
  • For your cases, you can
    • Close a case
    • Reopen a case
    • Add notes to a case
    • Upload file attachments to a case
    • Change the severity on a case
  • Search
    • your cases (where you are the contact), or cases at your site(s)
    • by keywords
  • Advanced Search
    • limit to recent 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days
    • limit to just one of your sites
  • Super-Advanced Search (see below)
  • Update your profile/contact information
  • Change your password
  • Reset your lost/forgotten password


Super-Advanced Case Search

OK, not really an official term, but there’s a few undocumented things you can do when searching for cases, including

  • limit search results to closed cases
  • limit search results to a particular contact
  • combine a condition operator with keywords.

A few examples:

Show me all closed cases



Show me all cases created by my co-worker Fred



Show me closed cases and combine with a keyword (in this case,  “rulemanager”)




Between our website, SelfService portal, blogs, and Github repos, we’ve really tried to make available to our customers and our community as much information and as many resources as possible.

Have some suggestions on how we can improve our SelfService portal (or anything, for that matter)? Drop a comment below.

Rock on.