What’s New in Dovetail Admin 3.0 : Part 1: Employee Templates

Dovetail Admin 3.0 was recently released, so I figured it was a good time to highlight a few of the things that are new in this release.

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Employee Templates / Workgroups

We’ve brought the functionality of the classis Employee Manager Utility into Dovetail Agent.

This allows an administrator to associate employee properties (such as queues, privilege class, business calendar, office location, supervisor, and resource configuration) to a workgroup.  New employees that are assigned to that workgroup can automatically inherit all of the proper attributes. This will speed up and simplify the process of adding new employees to the system, since most of the attributes for an employee will be defined by the type of job they are destined to be performing. When an employee changes work assignments, the attributes of the new workgroup can override the current settings for the employee automatically just by changing the workgroup.



What can you configure as part of a workgroup?


  • Supervisor, Resource Config, Labor Rate
  • Are they a Supervisor? Field Engineer? Allow Proxy?
  • Site, Fax Number, Mail Stop
  • Privilege Class
  • Notification Methods
  • Business Calendar
  • Queue Membership

Employee Workgroup

So now, when we create a new employee, we simply set their workgroup, and they will automatically get all of the configured workgroup settings applied. Easy breezy!



What about if a user changes workgroups?

The Update Attributes checkbox is used to indicate whether the workgroup’s attributes should be used to update the corresponding employee attributes. If the box is checked when the workgroup assignment is updated, the employee attributes will be updated as necessary.


Get It

If you have a license for Dovetail Admin, simply logon to the Dovetail SelfService site, navigate to My Products, then click on the Dovetail Admin link. You’ll see a download link for version 3.0.



OK, so that highlights the new employee template feature in Dovetail Admin.  I’ll highlight other new features in subsequent posts. Stay tuned.