Extracting ClearBasic code

In Clarify, it’s pretty easy to extract one (or a few) Clearbasic code module from the database using CBEX or UI Editor. But on occasion, it’s useful to be able to extract *all* the CB code. It’s not easy to do that with the baseline Clarify tools.


When diving into a customer environment, either to help re-create their environment locally, or to evaluate porting the CB code to a web-based application, it’s nice to have all the code available at once.


It’s also nice to have access to the baseline (Clarify-defined) CB code – which allows us to use baseline functions, as well as mine that code for useful tips and undocumented methods.


We have a of of scripts and utilities that we use here at Dovetail. One of them is a script to extract ClearBasic code – either customer-defined code or baseline code.


This script is now publically available on Github at


The cbbatch script extracts ClearBasic code – either customer-defined or baseline. It extracts both form code as well as global code modules. It can also extract the code from a single resource config, if desired.




Hope you find this useful.