Wait – what’s my password again? Password reset functionality

Pretty much every web application out there has the functionality that allows a user to reset their password if it gets lost or forgotten. It’s easy. It’s automatic. It removes the burden of a sys admin having to do this manually. It’s all good. So why isn’t this a standard feature of enterprise applications? It always annoyed me that this wasn’t part of the Clarify Classic Client baseline functionality.

Regardless of the answer – this functionality is available in our Dovetail web applications for Clarify. It’s actually been in Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Mobile, and Dovetail AgentLite for a while now. But since I know not everyone is aware of it, I figured I’d do a quick walkthrough of it. It pretty much works like you expect.

Forgot your password?

The login page contains a Forgot your password link:


Which takes you to the password reset page:

Once you enter your login name or email address, the Dovetail system sends you an email telling you how to reset your password:

Clicking the link takes you to the page where you can reset your password:


Once you reset your password, you’re logged in and taken to the application Home page.


Easy peasey. The user has just reset their lost or forgotten password without needing the assistance of a sys admin.

As I mentioned, this functionality is also available in Dovetail Agent:


and in Dovetail Mobile:



For our customers who use our Dovetail SelfService for working with our support team, this same functionality is available there as well.


Clarify Classic Client

As I mentioned earlier, I always wished this functionality was part of the Clarify Classic Client. Is this of interest to you? If so, I would love to hear from you. If there’s enough interest, maybe this is something we could make happen.


And there you have – a quick walk through of Password Reset functionality.