SDK based web apps in a 64-bit environment

I wanted to drop a little update regarding some upcoming changes, specifically in regards to our classic web applications (Dovetail AgentDovetail Admin, and Dovetail SelfService) operating in a 64-bit environment.


If you’re not running one of those web apps in a 64-bit environment, then don’t sweat this post – head off and read something more interesting 🙂

Currently, we require our classic web apps to run in a 32-bit mode. Why? Because the Dovetail SDK is currently 32-bit only but that will change with SDK version 3.0.


Update: 3/28/2012:


Now that Dovetail SDK 3.0 has been released (which supports both 32 and 64-bit COM objects), I wanted to drop a little update here.


Dovetail Agent 4.5 can now be run in 64-bit mode. This requires the 64-bit version of SDK (version 3.0 or higher) be installed.


Dovetail Admin (any version) can also be run in 64-bit mode. This requires the 64-bit version of SDK (version 3.0 or higher) be installed.


Dovetail Selfservice is still 32-bit only. We have not yet updated Selfservice to support the new attachment upload component. The older attachment upload component is still 32-bit, which means that SelfService still must be run in 32-bit mode.

Can you install both 32 and 64-bit SDK on the same machine?


Yes, you can. No problem there.

Enabling 32 or 64 bit mode for a particular web application


There’s a setting in the application pool in IIS that determines whether you’re running in 32 or 64-bit.


If Enable 32-Bit Applications is True, then you’re running in 32-bit.


If Enable 32-Bit Applications is False, then you’re running in 64-bit.



Dovetail SDK 3.0


Dovetail SDK 3.0 is about to be released, and it now has both 32 bit and 64 bit installers.


The primary reason this is necessary is for applications using COM Compatibility (such as the classic web apps mentioned above)  to have the correct native COM registration settings. Previously, applications that use the COM interfaces were required to run in a 32 bit (SysWow64) mode.


Additionally, contact (web_user) authentication is now supported in 64 bit environments. This is commonly used in SelfService/eSupport applications. The non-managed fc_crypt2.dll library is used for contact password encryption and decryption. The correct version of this library (either 32 or 64 bit)  will be installed as part of the Dovetail SDK installation process.

Will the 64-bit SDK work with the classic web apps?


Dovetail Agent 4.5 can now be run in 64-bit mode.


Dovetail Admin can also be run in 64-bit mode.


Dovetail Selfservice is still 32-bit only.


Mostly, yes. If you install the 64-bit SDK, and change your application pool setting so that Enable 32-bit Applications is set to False, then those apps will mostly work.

What’s this “mostly” crap?


The one thing that won’t work is file uploads, such as attachments and the EEO (Enhanced Email Out integration with Outlook) functionality.

Why doesn’t that work?


Because the component that we’re currently using for file uploads is 32-bit only. And if you set your application pool to support 64-bit, then the 32-bit stuff doesn’t work.

Will you be solving this issue?


Yes. We are working on using a different component for file uploads that support both 32 and 64-bit. This is work that is actively in process.


This will be available in the next releases of Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Admin, and Dovetail SelfService.

So what do you recommend?


For now, if you’re running one of those classic web apps, the recommendation is to keep using the 32-bit SDK, even if you’re on a 64-bit platform.


If running on a 64-bit platform:

  • and using Agent 4.5, run in 64-bit mode. If using Agent 4.4 or below, use 32-bit mode.
  • and using Admin (any version), run in either 32 or 64-bit, doesn’t matter.
  • and using SelfService, use 32-bit mode.



Anything else I need to know about using the 64-bit SDK?


If running command-line applications that use COM Compatibility (such as JavaScript or VBScript using cscript.exe) on a 64 bit machine, they should be executed from the standard 64 bit command prompt. This is a change, as previous versions of the SDK only supported 32 bit COM applications, so you had to use a 32-bit command prompt.

What about other web applications, such as BOLT, Dovetail Mobile, or Dovetail Agent Lite?


Dovetail Mobile and Dovetail Agent Lite are native .NET, and have their own SDK binaries, so this post doesn’t apply.


BOLT doesn’t use the Dovetail SDK, so this post doesn’t apply.

What if I still have questions?


Please ask! You can leave a comment here, or open a case and we’ll respond promptly.