Support for Oracle 11

We have recently validated our product suite against Oracle 11.

Due to our approaches to developing software, coupled with our use of .NET, all of our products worked as is. We didn’t have to change our apps to add support for Oracle 11. It was really just a testing exercise for us. Oracle 11 is now part of our continuous integration environment, so we know things work now, and will continue to work moving forward. Pretty sweet.


This includes support for:

  • Dovetail SDK
  • Dovetail Mobile
  • Dovetail Carrier
  • Dovetail Seeker
  • Dovetail SchemaEditor
  • Dovetail Rulemanager
  • Dovetail Agent
  • Dovetail Admin

Platform Guide

Our online Platform Guide is the best place for the latest details on supported platforms.

* One exception

There is one exception for support of Oracle 11: ArchiveManager (DIET). We have some additional work to do there. If this is a need for your environment, please let us know, as this will help us prioritize this work.