Dovetail information feeds

Did you know we provide a few different information feeds that help you stay informed with information about Dovetail? By subscribing to feeds, new information is delivered to you – which means you don’t have to go visiting lots of different web sites to see if there’s new content available.


There’s a RSS feed for all the Dovetail bloggers, or you can subscribe to individual bloggers, if you so wish, by visiting their page and clicking the orange RSS icons in your browser or by clicking the RSS link.

Some of us also allow for subscribing by email, in case you’re not an RSS kind of person.


Product Releases

There’s a feed for product releases – so you’ll know when new products are available – including new revisions of existing products.



There’s also a feed for new knowledgebase articles. This feed is interesting because it allows you insight into new Solutions – including some best practices, bug fixes, how-tos, and workarounds.


Solutions and Product Releases? That sounds like CRM data.

Those last two feeds – Product Releases and Knowledgebase – the data from those come from our Dovetail / Clarify system. No surprise – the knowledgebase is Solutions (problem descriptions and workarounds), and the product releases are Parts (part numbers and mod levels). We use the Dovetail SDK to retrieve the data that we want (solutions, part revisions), and then a little bit of ASP.NET code to create the feed. Kevin Miller has a nice write-up explaining how to create RSS feeds using ASP.NET.

Pretty sweet!

What other data could you syndicate out of your CRM system? For your employees? For your customers?


Confused about feeds and RSS? No worries. The folks over at Common Craft have put together a simple video explaining RSS in plain English.

It’s like deja vu all over again.

Hope you find this post (as well as our other information feeds) useful.

Rock on.