Dovetail Developer Training, August 10-14

Our next Dovetail Developer Workshop is scheduled for August 10 through August 14 here in Austin, TX for developers interested in learning how to configure, manage and customize a Dovetail CRM environment. Space is limited, so please register ASAP by simply sending Nathan Shilling an email, or calling (512) 610-5455.

The workshop will kick off with a review of the Dovetail CRM components and the base-line architecture. Later sessions will walk participants through the installation of each of the Dovetail CRM modules, with hands-on programming labs where students will acquire skills and develop expertise to build new functionality, which they then can utilize to extend and customize their own CRM environment.

For instance, you will:

  • Learn how to extend your schema using SchemaEditor;
  • Import data using ArchiveManager;
  • Perform data access operations using the Dovetail SDK;
  • Learn how to use Dovetail Seeker for robust searching;
  • Write code that uses the API toolkits; and
  • Extend and customize Dovetail Agent – customize existing web pages, and create entirely new ones.

Bring your laptop. You’ll need it for the many programming labs where you’ll learn to add significant new functionality to your existing Clarify system.
For a complete syllabus, click here.