Improved Case and Solution linking workflow within Dovetail Agent

One of the more underused features within Clarify/Dovetail is the ability to link cases to solutions. Its a great feature – I just don’t see it used often enough.


This allows organizations to track which solutions are used the most, and use that information to feed back to production groups (development, engineering, documentation, etc.) to help prioritize changes/fixes/enhancements.


Making it easier for agents to link solutions and cases would certainly be beneficial. If its hard, they’re less likely to do it. So, make it easy.



Dovetail Agent (version 4.0) has simplified the ability to link a solution to one or more cases. Regardless of how you get to a Solution (via Search, Find by ID, or simply opening it from a queue or WIPbin), you can easily link the Solution to one (or more) of your cases.


On the Solution page, there is a Link this Solution to a Case button:




Clicking this button will allow users to link this solution to one (or more) of the users open cases easily and quickly.




There is also an Undo link, which will undo the linking that just occurred.



Super easy.