Clarify Additional Features Forms

I recently responded to a  question about adding a Save button to the CR (Change Request) form in Clarify. Dusting off my Clarify knowledge, I gave some details about how to simply copy the Save button from the Additional Features form. I’m sure not everyone knows about these forms. We wrote about this years ago, in one of our newsletters, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to share it again here.

Additional Features Forms


There are three forms in the Clarify Classic Client that are never displayed in a Clarify client session, but which are extremely valuable. Clarify has placed a variety of controls on these controls that can be copy and pasted directly on to specific forms in Clarify, and they will work for you automatically.


There are two forms provided for ClearSupport, and one provided for ClearQuality.


Form Number Clarify form you can paste controls to Description
415 411 (or 775 for Service Manager) Controls to enhance the New Case Form
422 420 (or 776 for Service Manager) Controls to enhance the Edit Case Form
300 337 (New CR) and 334 (Edit CR) Controls to enhance the New and Edit CR Forms


You can view these forms using UI Editor, and then simply copy & paste the controls from the Additional Features Form to your Case or CR form.

New/Edit Case Enhancements


Virtually all of the controls on forms 415 and 422 are the same. There are only two buttons (one on each form) that cannot be used on both the New and Edit Case Forms. In addition, these controls can be pasted to any of the default tabs of those forms. Each of the enhancements are described in turn.








  1. Part Selection Controls. On the default New/Edit Case forms, you can optionally associate a case against a site_part (an installed piece of equipment). This is a very useful feature, but there are times where customers wish to link cases to part numbers and revisions, but not to specific site_parts. Many customers don’t even use site_parts, and wish to have their cases only linked to part numbers and revisions.
    There are four ways in which these controls can be customized on your forms:
    •  Only use site_parts (the default mechanism in Clarify)
    •  Only use parts/revisions
    •  Allow each case to either be related to a site_part OR a part/revision
    •  Cases cannot be linked to site_parts OR to parts/revisions
    PD 02085 (and a chapter in the old System Administrator Guide) describes this process in detail.
  2. Quick Close. This button, if placed on your New or Edit Case forms allows you to close the case (once it has been saved) without presenting the Close Case form. All of the times/amounts are totaled, just like the Close Case form, but you may not edit any of the data (such as the resolution code). This is very helpful for the “one and done” cases.
  3. Fast Close. This button is exactly like Quick Close, only the subcase times/amounts are not totaled in to the Close Case record. This option is not generally recommended.
  4. Edit Contact/Site. There are two buttons you may paste to either the New or Edit Case forms. On the baseline forms, Clarify presents you with a “…” more info button for more information about the contact or the site. If you press those buttons, the Contact or Site forms are presented, but in read-only mode. The Edit Info buttons allow you to present the Contact and Site forms, but in read-write mode. Some customers put both the More Info buttons and the Edit Info buttons on the forms, and some simply replace the More Info buttons with the Edit Info buttons.
  5. Edit Alt Contact. This button will allow you to view the alternate contact, and to edit it.
  6. Find Caller New (only for the New Case Form). This is an alternate version of the Find Caller flow, which allows for additional customization.
  7. Next Case (only for the Edit Case Form). This button, when pressed, performs a “Find Case By ID” operation. It posts the Find Case By ID form for you to enter a case or subcase ID number.

New/Edit CR Enhancements




Form 300 provides several controls you can cut and paste onto the New CR form (337), or the Edit CR form (334). They include:


  1. Discard. This button, if pressed, will close either the New CR or Edit CR forms. It is like the Done button,
    but it does not check to see if data is dirty. It will exit, even if there is unsaved new data on the form.
  2. Save/Done. This button, which can be placed on both the New and Edit CR forms, saves any unsaved data
    (without a confirmation dialog), and exits the form.
  3. Save. This button can be placed only on the Edit CR form. It allows you to save changes to the CR without
    having to press the Done button.



And there you have – a bit more arcane Clarify knowledge picked from the depths.


Hope this helps.