Microsoft is changing the world – at least part of my world – for the better

I’m a big fan of Hugh McLeod, and being that I am part of the Microsoft ecosystem, I have been following his Blue Monster Project.


In a recent post, Hugh says:

That if Microsoft wishes to change the world, then changing themselves is also, most definitely, a big part of the equation.

I saw some of that change this weekend. I saw Scott Guthrie present his team’s new ASP.NET MVC framework. Listening to Scott present, it was clear that he and his team had been listening to the community. They’re listening to the bloggers, the MVPs, the ALT.NET crowd. They listened, and the result was a positive change that came through loud and clear.

In the closing session of the ALT.NET conference, Scott Hanselman (who joined Microsoft just a mere 3 weeks ago) openly commented about his time at Microsoft, about the great people in the developer group, focused on making things better. There are smart people there, listening to the community, and responding to us. And he is part of that force, continuing to make the dev group better. I believe that.

Microsoft is a big ship, with a large wake behind it. And changing the course of a large ship is not always easy nor quick. My conversations and experiences at the ALT.NET conference this past weekend has shown that change is happening. And I’m excited.