A simple blog comment turns around a customer experience

well_doneI’ve blogged in the past about turning blog entries into customer experiences.

Here’s a recent real-world example of that.

Adam Esterline reviewed Watir as part of a web application testing comparison.  In his own words, "I did not give Watir very high marks."

Bret Pettichord, our Test Architect here at Dovetail, and a core contributor to the open-source Watir project, left a comment on Adam’s blog, simply asking for more info about Adam’s experience using Watir.

Bret’s comment was a pretty simple one, but it engaged Adam. Enough so to prompt Adam to revisit Watir, and try again, this time with much better results. Even more so, it was enough to get Adam to post a follow-up praising Bret:

This is great customer service. Bret saw that our team was having problems and responded thoughtfully.

There’s no fancy CRM software involved here. Responding to Adam wasn’t someone’s job or responsibility. It’s just people helping people. Once again, we see that the right kind of people are a key component of the Art of Customer Service.  

Nicely done Bret!