Dovetail Software HGBST (User-defined Lists) Utility

HGBST Utility is a command-line utility for Microsoft Windows that
helps you visualize your user-defined lists (HGBSTs) and troubleshoot
invalid data. If you have previously run the Dovetail Software Data Verifier
and it revealed problems with your HGBST structures, this program will
help you determine exactly what to do to fix it.

utility will only work on a Windows computer (2000 or later) and you
must have the .NET Framework 1.1 runtime installed. Please see the
readme file for more details on the requirements.

To get started, download and extract the ZIP. Then, from the command-line, run:

hgbstutils /?

Readme File:

ZIP package:

Chad Myers
Dovetail Software
512-418-2905 x102