Should log_notes update the last modified timestamp on the case?

questionOn most workflow objects in Clarify, such as case, subcase, etc. there is a column which indicates the last modified date.

 For example, on table_case, there is a modify_stmp column.

In older versions of Clarify (including up to version 11.5), if you perform a log action (such as log notes), that timestamp is not updated.

In later versions (such as 12.5), that timestamp is updated.

The high level APIs in our fcSDK (such as log_case_note, log_case_phone, log_subcase_note, etc.) mimic the Clarify functionality. But, because they’ve been around so long, they mimic “older” versions of Clarify. So, our log* APIs do not update the last modified timestamp on a case.

So, the question is: should our log APIs update the last modified timestamp?

I could, but I would prefer not to, add version conditional logic, such as this:

if (CLARIFY_SCHEMA_VER >= 59){ case(“modify_stmp”) = DateTime.Now; }  //yuck

I would prefer to either update the timestamp or not.

I have no problem updating that timestamp. But I am slightly concerned that folks may have logic (such as in code or in reports) that is based on this timestamp, and having an assumption as to when this timestamp is updated or when it isn’t.

What do you think? Would it affect your implementation or process if that timestamp was updated when a log API is called? Or perhaps this is even preferred?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.