Dovetail employees speaking at Austin Code Camp 2007

The Austin.NET User Group is sponsoring Austin Code Camp 2007 on
May 5th. Last year’s camp was excellent, and it’s not too late to register
for what’s sure to be another great code camp.

There are multiple sessions being led by Dovetail Software staff: 

Bret Pettichord from Dovetail Software

Scripting Web Tests with Watir and Ruby – Learn how to write automated acceptance tests for web applications in this hands-on tutorial. We’ll show you how to use the Watir testing tool and the Ruby scripting language to create tests that drive Internet Explorer. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have written several tests using an open-source tool popular with agile teams. Bring a Windows laptop with W2K, XP, or Vista. We’ll provide the software. No knowledge of Watir or Ruby is assumed. (Level 200

Kevin Miller from Dovetail Software

MonoRail Introduced – MonoRail is an open source MVC framework on top of ASP.Net in the spirit of Ruby on Rails. This powerful framework is quickly gaining traction in Agile .Net shops. Come join us as we build a Monorail web application from the ground up. (Level 200

Scott Bellware from Dovetail Software

Good Test, Better Code – From Unit Testing to Behavior-Driven Design – "Testing is design"; "Unit tests are documentation"; "Tests are specifications". These are the much sought-after values of agile design and programming practices, but simply writing tests or even writing tests before writing production code doesn’t make these wishes come true. When we take up unit testing, we initially write code to test our code, but with practice we begin to write code to conform to our tests. Understanding how to write tests well helps us to begin to achieve the benefits of test-driven development and behavior-driven design. This presentation walks through some of the principal phases of evolving basic testing skills toward sustainable agility through test-driven, client-driven, and behavior-driven agile programming practices. This survey presentation covers unit-testing, mock objects, test-first programming, behavior-driven design, and domain-specific languages for testing. (Level 300

Scott Bellware from Dovetail Software

Design Patterns for Developing with the ADO .NET Entity Framework – Microsoft gets behind object-oriented development in no uncertain terms with the arrival of the ADO .NET Entity Framework. Where once .NET developers had only strongly-typed DataSets to lean on, the next version of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework will see the release of two new object-relational mapping frameworks. Be ready to embrace the power of objects and data access for business objects and also to loose some of the data-centric simplicity that you might be used to. This chalk talk gives you an opportunity to interactively explore the potential of the Entity Framework and to gain an understanding of the object-oriented principals and practices that will help you to adopt and use the next version of ADO .NET. (Level 200)