Fog Creek Copilot 2.0

Fog Creek released version 2.0 of their very rockin Copilot application today. Congrats to the team at Fog Creek!

For those that don’t know, Copilot is a remote assistance application that allows one person remotely take over another computer. The Copilot website has a good overview.

I’ve used this app a few times over the last year. I’ve used it to help my parents out on their home machine (they live a thousand miles away), and I’ve also used it to assist some of our remote Dovetail employees. Each time I’ve used, it’s worked perfectly. It always installs simply, and connects without issue. To put it simply: it just works! That’s what software is supposed to do – just work.

The $10 price was so worth it. It would have taken me hours on the phone with my Dad to try and get his computer woes resolved. To spend $10, and have it solved in just a few minutes – no brainer. But Fog Creek has now lowered the price to $5. That’s cheap-tastic!

What I think is really interesting is how customer service centers could be using applications like this for supporting their customers. There are many times when I have to support our customers that I wish I could just have access to the customer’s machine. If I can shorten the length of a support call by a reasonable margin, but it costs me $5 – well, that’s worth it. Copilot also has multiple subscription options, in addition to the $5 day pass, so higher volume call centers have additional flexibility. I’ll have to keep this in mind more as a support option. Cool stuff.