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Using Ubiquity to "edit" web pages

September 29, 2008 I commonly take screen-shots of our web applications, and use them here within my blog. Occasionally when I do this, I want to hide or obfuscate certain pieces of information. For example, I may want to share a screenshot of a case from one of our production systems, or I may have some data that I use in my dev system, that isn't exactly "professional", so I wouldn't want the outside world seeing it. Or perhaps even a URL that I don't want to expose. I used to do a bunch of work, and jump through some hoops in order to make everything professional, hide data, etc. But using Ubiquity, its really easy to change the page on the fly - no programming necessary. For example, lets say that I start with this page: I then invoke Ubiquity (ctrl-space), and…

Adding a signature to Log Email in Dovetail Mobile Agent using Ubiquity or GreaseMonkey

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've started using Dovetail Mobile Agent for my day-to-day case activities. Its still early in its project lifecycle, so it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles (yet), but that's OK with me. For example, you can Log an Email, but it doesn't have the capability to automatically populate a signature within the email. Since this is something that I wanted now, here's how to make that happen, without modifying the application itself. Ubiquity In a previous post, I detailed my first Ubiquity command for working with Dovetail Mobile Agent. Now, we'll add a new command for inserting my signature. The Ubiquity code: CmdUtils.CreateCommand({   name: "signature",   icon: "

My first Ubiquity command : view a case in Dovetail

September 8, 2008 I was pretty excited to play with Ubiquity, a new Firefox extension that lets me think and act in a more natural language with my PC. From the Ubiquity Tutorial: Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web. You're used to telling Firefox where you want to go by typing Web addresses into the URL bar. With Ubiquity installed, you'll be able to tell Firefox what you want it to do by typing commands into a new Ubiquity input box. The commands that come with Ubiquity are just the beginning: anyone can create new commands and share them. Some of the built-in commands include: add-to-calendar calculate define ebay-search email flickr google map search tinyurl weather zoom After playing with the build-in commands, I was ready to try and write my…