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Introducing the SDK Toolkit extension in Dovetail Carrier

August 2, 2016 We recently released an updated version of Dovetail Carrier, and this version includes a new SDK Toolkit Extension. I’m super excited about this new extension – so lets get into the details. But first, a quick refresher on Dovetail Carrier.   What is Dovetail Carrier? Carrier is a flexible and customizable message handling framework for your Dovetail or Clarify CRM application. It allows the automation of virtually any internal CRM processes associated with communicating with external systems. Carrier uses messaging, a method of communication between software components or applications that enables distributed communication that is loosely coupled, to enable organizations to establish efficient dataflow between their systems.   Extensions The Carrier framework is designed to support extensions to its baseline capabilities, for implementing solutions to your organization's business needs. Extensions shipped by Dovetail have been designed to be customizable and…