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Throwback Thursday: First Choice – Turks & Caicos

July 7, 2016 Back in 2002 (when we First Choice Software), we had a company trip to the Turks & Caicos. While cleaning out my closet recently, I found one of the T-shirts we had made to commemorate the event.   No idea why, but I have this picture of Sam and I looking down into a hole on the island during that trip. I’m sure we were contemplating something very important though.   Bugaloo’s Conch Shack – best conch on the island.

ThrowbackThursday: First Choice Giveaway – Clarify User Group 1998

January 29, 2015 Stumbled across a copy of a disk that we (when we were First Choice Software) gave away at the 1998 Clarify User Group.   No idea what’s on it, as I don’t have a 3.5” disk drive kicking around anymore. In case you kids have no idea what the hell that is: Pretty cool that we’ve been giving away free software to the Clarify community for close to two decades now.

ThrowBackThursday: Source Code Interface

September 11, 2014 One of our early products in the company was SCI – the Source Code Interface. From the docs: The Source Code Interface provides tight integration between leading source control systems (Visual Source Safe, PVCS, and ClearCase) and  Clarify. A simple GUI is provided to perform all of the source control operations from within Clarify. Gotta love those leading source control systems  - Visual Source Safe, PVCS, and ClearCase! Well, I guess they were leading in 1998. Couldn’t even think about returning to VSS after using Git.

ThrowBackThursday: Tool Time 2001

August 21, 2014 Tool Time was a tradition from the old Clarify user groups. It was a chance to give away some cool tools, with a bit of Tim Allen shtick thrown in.It started in 1995, vanished in 1999, and then we (as First Choice) resurrected it back in 2001 at our Connections user group for Clarify. This was our 2001 Tool Time presentation. Notice that one of the presenters was our own Sam Tyson - who is still rockin' it here at Dovetail today. Gotta love those Office 2000 Powerpoint templates!