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SMS Notifications using Dovetail Rulemanager

August 15, 2017 When employees are notified as part of a business rule action, the notification method is determined by the employee's notification preference. The default notification methods are:EmailNotifierForward to my SupervisorTone PagerText PagerDigital PagerNoneDovetail Rulemanager recently added support for one additional option: SMSAn SMS notification will send an SMS message (text message) to an employee's configured device, typically their mobile phone.  SMS Notification Message Users can set their notification preferences for SMS, just like any other preference. SMS Notification PreferenceCouldn't we do this before?In the past, if you wanted to send SMS messages, we would typically use a custom replacement paging application for Rulemanager. This custom script would call into a 3rd party web service, or  use the cell provider’s email to SMS gateway. These solutions all required custom scripts, and ended up being additional processes that Rulemanager needed to…