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Task Manager Comparison: Dovetail vs. Clarify

June 20, 2016 I’ve received a few questions asking how Dovetail Task Manager compares to Clarify Task Manager. So let's cover that here.First, a quick refresher on what Task Manager is. Task Manager OverviewTask Manager is an optional module that allows actions to occur automatically when a task set is selected from a case.The most common action is creating a subcase.For example, when the New Employee Task Set is run:Create a General subcase for setting up the employee's network account and dispatch to the Network queue.Create an Administrative subcase for ordering business cards and assign to a specific employee.Create a General subcase for creating the user's account in the CRM system, and dispatch to a queue based on auto-destination rules.Dovetail Agent can work with either Clarify Task Manager or Dovetail Task Manager. High level comparison ClarifyDovetailTask evaluationTasks are evaluated within the Clarify Classic Client itself, or…