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Dovetail Agent: Hello Tags, Goodbye WIPbins

January 23, 2015 Within Dovetail Agent, we’ve replaced WIPbins  with tags. I wanted to explain a bit of the difference, and some of the reasons why we did so.What’s a WIPbin?Your WIPbins (Work In Process bins) contain the objects on which you have agreed to work (that is, objects you have accepted from a queue) or that have been assigned to you.Think of WIPbins like folders that can be used to organize your work.What’s a tag?Wikipedia says:In information systems, a tag is a non-hierarchical keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an Internet bookmark, digital image, or computer file). This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item's creator or by its viewer, depending on the system.Tagging an objectTagging…