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Socialcast Integration, Episode 2: The UI

June 24, 2010 In a previous post, I discussed how to publish activities from your Clarify/Dovetail CRM system into Socialcast. Cool stuff.Continuing on this same line, I wanted to explore having access to Socialcast within your CRM application UI. Since this is where agents spend a good deal of their day, why not have a widget that shows their home stream, and allows them to share, update, and comment?Socialcast widgetWe can easily embed a Socialcast widget right onto the agent’s console within DovetailAgent. This would allow agents to see their home stream, post an update, or comment on someone else’s post.We can use the Google Gmail gadget provided by Socialcast to do this. Normally this is used as a gadget within Gmail or iGoogle, but we can use it anywhere we want.Once you’re logged into your Socialcast site, navigate to the Socialcast Applications…

Clarify / Dovetail Activity Streams

June 18, 2010 Ever since I heard about activity streams, I’ve been thinking about an activity stream out of our Clarify / Dovetail Customer Service system. I saw Chris Messina present about activity streams at SXSW 2010, and got even more jazzed.What are activity streams? From the wiki: ActivityStreams is a convenient and consistent way to syndicate social activities around the web.OK, how about a little more detail, perhaps with some context?I’m going to quote right from the Socialcast website here, as I think they do a good job of explaining this.Inside of every company, there can be hundreds or even thousands of sources of data. Information is generated by people (through emails and social network messages) and by systems (CRM and ERP systems, and inventory tracking, for example). Where the information flows and how it is used is strictly defined by…

Social CRM, The New Rules of Relationship Management

March 18, 2010 While at SXSWi last week, I was in the audience for a panel on Customer Support in a 140 character world. It was a great panel of speakers, and the content didn’t disappoint. One of the panelists was Jeremiah Owyang.  He’s recently written a white paper on Social CRM – good stuff. Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management (blog post) Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management(white paper)