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A week of Monospace and Innotech

November 2, 2009 I spent last week at the Monospace conference, which was held concurrently with the annual Innotech conference here in Austin. Monospace This was the first year for Monospace, and it was fantastic. Scott Bellware did a great job of organizing the conf, bringing in top notch attendees, and providing fun after-hours activities as well. Miguel de Icaza (founder of the Mono project) attended, along with a good chunk of his team. There were plenty of local folks (including a few of us from Dovetail), folks from Microsoft, as well as a bunch of international developers as well. It was an incredible bunch of super-smart folks, all willing to share and help others kick ass. From the Monospace website: Monospace is the conference that teaches .NET software developers and organizations how to use the Mono framework and Microsoft .NET to leverage…