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Prototype Process and Tools

June 18, 2010   I’ve been working on a project recently that involved mockups and prototyping for a mobile web application. I wanted to share some of the process and tools that I found useful. Sketches   I first started out with low fidelity sketches. Paper and markers. Easy to draw, markup, and hack up.     Checkpoint: Sit down with the developers to walkthrough the concept, get their ideas and feedback, and surface any potential technical issues. Balsamiq   I then went to my favorite mockup tool – Balsamiq. Balsamiq makes it easy to mockup applications. It has the feel of a mockup – lots of hand drawn looking elements, comic sans fonts, and yellow stickies.   Balsamiq allows you to “link” mockups together. So clicking on a hyperlink or on a button would navigate you to another mockup. You can then use…

SMS notifications and alerts

April 6, 2009 Notifications and escalations generated by Rulemanager are an integral component of the Clarify/Dovetail system. Traditionally, email and in-application notifications are the most common notification delivery mechanisms. Digital pagers were popular years ago, but are pretty much non-existent today.   With mobile devices (iPhones, Windows Mobile, BlackBerrys, etc.) becoming almost ubiquitous, we can look to using these devices for notification delivery. And they all share a common communication platform - SMS. SMS (Short Message Service) is commonly referred to as text messaging.   So let's look at how we can use SMS as a delivery mechanism.   A while back, I detailed how to use Twitter as a notification channel, and then use Twitter to send SMS messages.   If we don't want to be coupled to a service like Twitter (which doesn't have guaranteed delivery, SLAs, etc.), we can use a very similar process, but instead…

Dovetail Mobile Agent: Only show the queues that have stuff in them

November 5, 2008 As I've mentioned before, I use Dovetail Mobile Agent for my day-to-day case activities. Its simplicity and ease of use really pleases me. Even though it was targeted as an app for mobile devices, it works just as well using normal browsers on desktops & laptops. On the Home page, there's a link to My Open Cases, Recent Activity for my workgroup, as well as a list of My Queues (including the number of items in the queue). But, its not actually all of my queues. Its only the queues that have stuff (such as cases) in them. If a queue is empty, I don't care about it. So it simply doesn't show up. Nice. In our production environment, I belong to 19 queues. And all of them show up in the Classic Clarify Client: Most of them are empty,…

Clarify on an iPhone

January 31, 2008 AppSwing looks to have created their own front end for Clarify, geared for iPhone users. The functionality is limited, but it looks interesting. Although with my fat fingers, I would have a hard time typing in case notes on the iPhone "keyboard". They have a video that shows it in action. Slick.