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How many time_bomb records do you generate per day?

January 15, 2008 Curious: on average,  how many time_bomb records does your Clarify system generate per day?  How can you determine  this?Assuming you're not using objid caching (which is the typical  scenario), simply take note of the current maximum objid in table_time_bomb.  Here is sample SQL for doing this: select max(objid) from  table_time_bomb Take note of the date and time. Then, simply run the same  query a day later, again taking note of the date and time. Subtract the two  objids, and that will tell you approximately how many time_bomb records have  been processed in that time period. 

Who creates your business rules?

December 14, 2007 I'm curious - in  your organization, who creates the business rules in Clarify?Specifically, who enters them into the system? Is it a developer, a workgroup manager, someone in IT, the business users themselves? A Clarify Admin (if so, is this someone in IT, or in a business unit)?How technical is this person?Any and all replies appreciated! 

Trailing wildcards fail to %MATCH% text at the end of the field on Oracle9i

December 4, 2007 Kevin ran into a weird Oracle issue this week in one of his tests.Setup: I have case id 275 with a case_history of "case is in queue SUPPORT" Query:select count(*) from table_case where id_number = '275' and case_history like %SUPPOR%'This query returns 1 row, as expected. Query:select count(*) from table_case where id_number = '275' and case_history like %SUPPORT%'This query returns 0 rows. I was expecting it to return 1 row.I don't understand why the 2nd query doesn't return the expected row.I would have expected that the percent character would have matched to zero or more characters.The problem happens on Oracle 9. Everything works as expected in Oracle 10.Can anyone explain this behavior? 

Testing Auto-Destination Rules?

November 27, 2007 Has anyone written a tool to test auto-destination rules?In the past, I've created a rule, imported it with dataex, and then had to manually create a workflow object (such as a case) that met the auto-dest criteria, and see if it worked in the clarify client.Then I would have to repeat for each branch of the rule.I've been thinking about some sort of testing tool to be able to do this, but wanted to see if anyone had already done something like this before.So, anyone?Thanks! 

Commitment warnings and escalations – only by email?

It seems like Rulemanager sends all commitment notifications (warnings and escalations) via email.It does not seem to honor the notification preferences of the user (Pager, Notifier, etc.).Is this true?If so, is there a way to have commitment notifications honor the user’s notification preferences?