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Yank Notifications via Email

January 16, 2007 Clarify's Business Rules + RuleManager is a pretty robust and generic event processing system. Admins/BAs configure rules for who to notify and when, and each user can even decide how they want to be notified (email, pager, within the app itself (the Integrated Notifier), etc.). Most of us here at Dovetail use email as our notification preference. I don't believe any of us the integrated Notifier.There has always been one desired business rule that I couldn't make work with the existing Clarify infrastructure - yank notifications by email.Note: in later versions of Clarify, Yank has been renamed to Retrieve. After many years of snickering over the term Yank, it's just now a natural part of my vocabulary.  But I digress...For example, if someone yanks a case from me, I would like to get notified that it happened. And I want the notification to…
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